Vale: Don Bryson-Taylor

Recently, one of our SCAASF members passed away, after a brave fight with cancer.

Some reflections on Don, from Marion Fisher (past SCAASF Chairman):

Don was always a font of knowledge. He could speak forth on almost any topic. Any conversation would be a trigger for stimulating discussion, and Don’s contribution was always the facts and the source. I loved this about him.

Don was kind. He was a gentle human being who spoke kindly of others, and to others. He cared particularly that the youngsters of scouting learned lots of skills in the best possible environments. 

Don was adventurous. As a Rover Scout (a few more years back for those who can recall), he explored and adventured with an impressive group of young men. Many of their exploits may remain secret, but the trips Don recounted and at times alluded to, established in my mind the adventurous man that lurked beneath the mature exterior.

Don valued the camaraderie that his scouting provided.Those adventurous young men that I mentioned, grew older together, and for fifty years or more they have remained loyal to each other and continued to meet on a regular basis.

If we could all maintain these values in our own lives, we could make the world a better place.

In memory of Don.