3. Scouts NSW Requirements

  • It is your responsibility to print and complete these permission forms (click here for Scouts & Guides forms) and forward them to your Group Leader and your Region's office.
  • A copy of all signed forms and a nominal roll (including all persons attending the site) must be handed to the RockSchool staff at the start of the Activity.
  • NOTE: As per our Risk Management Plan under Adventurous Activities policy, for Cubs, Scouts and Junior Guides, we require a ratio of 1 adult per 4 youth members, with a minimum of 3 adults to be supplied by your group, to assist with supervision and belaying.
  • NOTE: Non-abseilers are required to supply a completed personal permission note also.
  • Only participants with a signed consent form can be allowed to abseil.
  • All attendees are expected to behave in a safe manner, and be considerate of others, equipment and the environment.