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Abseiling Proficiency Badge (Scout Level)

 Abseil Program - Scouts & Guides

 Scout Proficiency Badge - Abseiler

To achieve this badge, you need to learn a little about abseiling, knots and equipment. We can teach you these things in a special session. You can then attend an activity day where you undertake at least 5 abseils to show us how much you've learned! 


Adventurous Activities (Scouts NSW) Rock Level 1 Abseiler Skill Checklist

 Level 1 - Abseiling

Level 1 Abseiler is a list of competencies required to demonstrate knowledge and skills for a “safe participant” in an organized abseiling activity.  This is the first the stage of evidence for rock-craft skills.

While working to this level, a person must participate in activities under the supervision of a Level3/or Instructor in the activity.

Level 1 Abseiler is the pre-requisite to all rock-related activities. There is no set time for completing these requirements although the skills and knowledge need to be consistently demonstrated. It may take you several months. Depending on your interests, climber, caver and canyoner may be pursued after that.

A person who has achieved the competencies for Level 1 Abseiler has a level of skill which enables them to participate in an abseiling activity with a responsible person with Level 2 Abseiling skills and other Level 1 Abseilers. It is expected that at this level, they can avoid dangers, and get themselves out of simple difficulties by prussiking, etc.

You also need to start logging all your activities. Examples and discussion about logs can be found on the Logs page.


Adventurous Activities (Scouts NSW) Rock Level 2 Abseiling Skill Checklist 

 Level 2 - Abseiling - this skills checklist is being updated. Please check back here soon

Under Scout Policy, a person who can fulfill Level 2 Abseiling requirements has a level of skill which enables them to lead an abseiling activity with Level 1 Abseilers who can participate safely and independently.

At this level, theoretical knowledge and regular experience are features. It is expected that at Level 2 Abseiling, you can judge the risks and choose wisely, set the abseils with appropriate considerations, and assist an abseiler who may have created some difficulties for themselves. 

At this level, a record of trips forming your LOG is a requirement.


Adventurous Activities (Scouts NSW) Rock Level 3 Abseiling Skill Checklist 

 Level 3 - Abseiling  - this skills checklist is being updated. Please check back here soon

At Level 3 Abseiling, the person possesses the maturity to judge and adjust the activity to the participant, whatever their characteristics. They will ensure an exciting experience in a controlled and safe setting in which the participant can extend themselves.

A person at this level will also have the skills to motivate and teach people gaining the relevant skills. They can also take control of a situation that has not gone according to plan, and restore calm and safety.