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(excerpt from Constitution/Rules)


9.8 Members may pay an annual subscription to help defray routine Fellowship expenses. The subscription shall be kept low to encourage membership and not be a burden on retired members. Those Scout Fellowships that have an annual subscription usually charge between $20 and $30, with the amount subject to annual review and agreement at each annual general meeting.

9.9 Subscriptions are payable no later than 30 September for the financial year ending on the following 31 December. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears by 12 months or more must show good cause why their membership should continue. After 12 months, such members who do not respond to one written request for payment within 30 days of sending shall cease to be members of the Fellowship.

9.10 Members must be financial to vote at meetings of the Fellowship and State Scout Fellowship Council, including annual general meetings.


The current costs are:

  • New Scouting members registration fee $60 (one off payment to join Scouting)
  • Annual Registration fee for 2024 (includes insurance) of $280 (if not already paid in another Scouting position)
  • Suggested annual donation to SCAASF (tax deductable) $20