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Note regarding SIS:

From 2012 Adventurous Activities comes under the governance of the Scouts Australia Institute of Training, an RTO (Registered Training Organisation). Requirements for all skill levels in the adventurous activities include consistent and confident demonstration of skills and evidence of currency (logs showing regular relevant experiences).

SIS recognition is mainly an administrative process (facilitated by Scouts Australia Institute of Training). The recognition requires a range of evidence that you can fulfil the requirements. The skill checklists then become some of the evidence. They can be acknowledged by other skilled level 3 or 'old instructors' for the moment. 

On the following pages (from the menus on the left hand side of this page under the Resources heading), you will find Skills Checklists that will assist your progress through Basic to Advanced Rock skills. Other Activity Information sheets are also available on these pages, and are used in conjunction with an activity program that includes some practical training.


Scouts NSW SIS Recognition of Prior Learning - January 2019  

Rock Activities Competency - Skill Recognition Tree

Bushwalking Activities Competency - Skill Recognition Tree