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Advanced Vertical Skills Workshop Program


1. Bookings

  • If you want to attend as an ADVANCED VERTICAL SKILLS WOKSHOP trainee, we appreciate knowing more than a week in advance, via the online enquiry and booking form only so that we can ensure that we have enough equipment and the roster for RockSchool staff can be finalised. 


2. Costs  


3. Scouts and Guides Requirements

  • It is your responsibility (and our preferred option) to complete the E-Permission forms online on the Scouts Events website. Just search for the event under your booking month. We will supply you with a password for you to be able to register for this event. Alternatively, you can print and complete paper versions of these permission forms (click here for Scouts and Guides forms) and bring it with you on the day.
  • A copy of your signed forms (if E-Permission notes have not been used) must be handed to the RockSchool staff at the start of the Activity.
  • NOTE: Non-abseilers are required to supply a completed personal permission note also.
  • Only participants with a signed consent form can be allowed to abseil.

4. Start and Finish Times and Parking

  • 0800 be ready for the sign in and Advanced Vertical Skills Workshop discussion.
  • On your first visit to RockSchool, you will be required to attend the Induction and Orientation at the campfire circle at 0900.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: No RockSchool visitors cars are allowed on site. They will need to be left at Thorp Rd, Woronora Park or Kingswood Rd , Engadine. There are limited RockSchool staff parking passes. ***


5. What does everyone need to bring?

  • 'paperwork'
  • packed morning tea & lunch, and water bottle
  • Bring/wear suitable clothing for the weather, including wet weather gear, enclosed shoes and long pants
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Everyone must provide their own
    • personal first aid kit
    • gloves
    • whistle and
    • prussik loops
  • You also need to bring a minimum FULL KIT of gear that complies with the appropriate standards or you will be required to hire a personal gear kit
    • harness
    • helmet
    • at least 3 karabiners
    • descending device

6. How does the day run at Rockschool?

  • On arrival at 0800, you sign in and present your paperwork as required.
  • All attendees are expected to behave in a safe manner, and be considerate of others, equipment and the environment.
  • Discussion about skill development
    • discuss with supervisors your preferred goals for the day, and inform them at the start of the session if you require assessment of competencies on particular skills.
    • if you are interested in working towards skill recognition, you can print any skill checklists for yourself and get them signed off as you are ready to be assessed. You can find some checklists on our Resources pages.
  • The trainee is allocated to a group and instructor, and an appropriate set-up for their level of experience. Relevant education and instruction (including safety issues and use of gear) are given.
  • Trainees are encouraged to observe, question and practise with a variety of instructors / Level 3 activity guides.
  • 0900 (at least once) Site Orientation and Induction.
  • Rockface or skill/exercise (click here to see a map of the drops available at RockSchool).
  • Morning tea as required.
  • Lunch break approx. 1200 - 1245.
  • Afternoon activity.
  • 1430 - 1500 assist with pack-up. Trainees are expected to assist with setting up as well as dismantling, checking and logging equipment usage.
  • Participants can leave the site once all gear has been returned and logged.
  • All trainees sign off as they depart.
  • 1530 - 1700 RockSchool staff meeting off-site.


7. How do we get to RockSchool?

  • Own transport
  • Trains: to Sutherland or Loftus station. Bush trails lead from both stations into the valley. Make sure you know the trails and can navigate.
  • Parking: Kingswood Rd, Engadine (2km walk) or Thorp Rd, Woronora (1.4kms from fire trail gate). If there is no room in Thorp Rd, you may need to move your cars down near the river.
  • There are no signs.
  • Maps