RockSchool provides skill training and practice for Venturers, Senior Guides and older members to gain Rock qualifications enabling them to organise adventurous expeditions. We also run an introduction to abseiling activity day for the younger members of both Scouting and Guiding.

It is important to check beforehand whether small groups of Scouts and Guides can be accommodated.

 Mud map from Sutherland Station

 From Loftus Station

Please check the RockSchool pages for full details and requirements for attending RockSchool.


Noorumba Guide Camp
Thorp Rd
Engadine , NSW 34° 2' 15.0432" S, 151° 2' 22.2" E

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PLEASE NOTE: RockSchool runs on the first Saturday of the month, excluding January and October. You can contact us at if you require a different date for your group, subject to instructor availability.
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