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In this section, you will find hints and reviews of various pieces of outdoor and adventurous equipment. Remember that these are user's opinions only, and you will get the best equipment for yourself if you get as much information and advice as you can before choosing.


RockSchool Equipment Catalogue




When should you retire your abseiling or climbing helmet? Check out this link which gives a good description of the life of a helmet. Please note that this is not a SCAASF recommendation. This link is just for your information.



Chest Harness

The diagram below shows an example of how to use a chest harness for females.

Prussik Loops
How much cord to buy
We currently work on the principle that an Abseiler needs two short and one long prussik loop to perform most manoeuvres. We've worked out a general formula that seems to work for most people.

Select 6mm or 7mm cord.

Multiply your height by 4. (For example, if you are 1.7 metres tall, this will be 6.8 metres). Round this figure up to the nearest half metre. (In this case you would buy 7m).

At home - fold your cord in half. (Our example is now3.5 metres long). 

Now move the fold 1/2 a metre on one direction. (The example now has 3 metres from one end and 4 metres from the other). CUT here.

Now cut the long section in half. These make the short loops. The piece left will make your long loop.

You can continue to fine tune your loops when you start using them.

Give us feedback for how this works for you.

Trivial Information for those who are interested only:   

*The Double Fishermans Knot uses about 1/2 metre of each loop. 

*The short loops are approximately half of the size of the long loop.