RockSchool Testimonials


Below are some testimonials from RockSchool participants.  We always welcome feedback so that we can provide the best quality training and activities for all Scouting and Guiding members.


Thanks so much for last Saturday. The scouts had a great time as you can see from the emails I cut and pasted below.
Hi Hunter  
What a fantastic day Saturday was. Please pass on my thanks to Marion for making it so enjoyable for us. We learnt a lot, worked well as a team and had a lot of fun! 
Thanks again 
Hi Marion thanks for a great day at abseiling IT WAS AWSOME!!!! 
Thank you for teaching the scouts new skills which they will hopefully use in later life, 
Hi Marion  
thank you very much for taking our scout group abseiling. it was extremely fun and was a great experience 
from Zanda
HI Marion 
Thank you for allowing us to go abseiling and climbing at the Rockhouse. 
Also thank you to the other leaders who helped belay and organize our trip 
From Kate
Thank you for having me there at rock school it was a really great day learning how to absail. It was so fun! I learnt so many great skills I had a lovely day thanks for having me! :)
Thanks Marion you really made it quite an experience for me and the scouts. I would love to come back to the Rock School again for another go at abseiling. 
Thanks Archie
Hi Marion
Thank you for the opportunity to come to your school and learn some more about scaling cliff faces. Not only have you done this but you have done this a second time, and even the people who had already done it learned a thing or two more. All the staff were friendly and understanding, (about things like heights) and walked and talked us through the process. Once again, thanks, and we all look forward to coming next time!
To rock school, thankyou for teaching us all about abseiling and the safety precautions involved. It was a great experience even though it was the second time that I have gone, thankyou for giving up your time to teach us about skills that I had never thought about and even letting us have a go at rock climbing even though we were supposed to just  teach us abseiling.
Thanks for a wonderful time 
From Sean